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Discover the TOP 10 career hacks

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Join the IET

It's Europe's largest membership organisation for engineers and technicians and provides the practical support and essential inspiration you need to reach the heights of your profession.

Access unique career planning tools here.

Think about your presentation skills

Have you shown your peers an innovative project or impressed your new client with a great solution?

Improve your communication skills here.

Get a mentor

Call on the skills and experience of an expert from your field to help you move forward faster. You'll find that advice from someone who's been there and done that will help you to set achievable goals and provide the encouragement you need to meet the challenge.

Find the help you need here.
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Lead a team

In the right direction!

Build your leadership skills here.

Do a course

Whether you need to learn to write a better report, to build your project management skills, to run a meeting or make a presentation, you'll find an IET course that's relevant to you.

Learn how here.


Help out at local events or act as an ambassador for the IET to inspire other young engineers. It's a brilliant way to build your skills and meet some interesting and influential people.

Discover volunteering here.
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Get noticed

Run an event, contribute to a professional journal, join an IET Local Network. The ultimate way to get noticed is to become professionally registered and have letters after your name but remember that all the legwork you put in now means you'll achieve your goals faster.

Stand out here.


Remember that lots of people are nervous at networking events and there are a few simple ways to make it a pleasure rather than an ordeal. Have an opening line about your role or your work and a firm handshake. Ask people questions about their work rather than just talking about yours. Listen. Smile. Take a business card. And always look people in the eye.

Start networking here.

Learn something new every day

There's no question your career depends upon it. Take every chance you can to keep your knowledge current and your skills up-to-date.

Start logging your Continuing Professional Development here.

Start preparing for professional registration today

It's all about status, opportunity and demonstrating your achievements to your colleagues, customers and potential employers. Becoming professionally registered as an ICTTech, EngTech, IEng or CEng is a huge achievement and now is the perfect time to start moving towards it.

Join the IET

As an awarding body for professional registration, The IET is perfectly placed to guide and support you on your journey.

Register with Career Manager

It's a powerful, intuitive online tool which enables you to:

  • set goals and plan the steps you needs to achieve them
  • record your career progress in detail
  • identify areas where you need extra help
  • call on expert advice
  • build an impressive CV.

It's a crucial first step towards professional registration.

Get ready to benefit

Gain an internationally recognised award which delivers increased career flexibility, delivers higher status and affords additional opportunity for promotion and progression within your profession.

Start moving towards the ultimate career hack here.

If you want to get ahead - your goal has to be professional registration. Our top career hack is to sign up for IET Career Manager now and start working towards professional registration today.